Creative, Curious and Clever Storytellers 

Concept & Scripting

We do concept & scripting for concerts, musicals, launches, weddings, packaged entertainment, interactive acts, television shows, award shows, sporting events, private events, AFPs and every other place you need concept & scripting for!


Our services include include info-graphic, whiteboard, flash animation, product launches, stop motion, 3D mapping, slide animation.

Content Studio

We do pre-production, production & post production of all type of digital media. Including corporate films, training films, music videos, product shoots, event shoots.

About Us

Media, as an ever-changing universe has expanded in terms of pioneering technologies, futuristic ideas and innovative ways of execution.

In this radical era, We are the new age Media Company; a troop of modern day storytellers who create mind stimulating concepts and execute them ingeniously with our array of seamless media services. We are the one stop shop for all your media solutions; idea, scripting, audio-video to direction and production, we do it all. And JUST for YOU we’ll shuffle through the cyber age complexities of your problems and solution the living bananas out of it… And still make time to party with you!!

Our Values

Ownership - Bringing Passion, and Responsibility, while taking Initiative.
Innovation - An appetite to do new things and to break boundaries.
Team Work - Collaborate, Challenge, Compliment & Respect each other
Quality - Excellence in Ideation, Creation & Execution.
Fun - Enjoy what you do and explore new things.